I will go from making soups for your health to indulgences for your soul, because the self can be high maintenance.

I have always looked for healthier versions of anything, but cannot deny that my favourite food is a chocolate chip cookie.

I am a classical baker and rustic cook, certified sommelier, and all-round food appreciator who finds so much beauty in food. 

I really love to feed people.

When I owned my restaurants, people would ask me for my recipes, but really, I was just baking as I followed my own cravings and running a successful business.

I lost my restaurants due to a serious illness.  That being cancer. 

I didn’t close after the first diagnosis, but then it came back a year and a half later, as recurrent metastatic, incurable cancer. 

But that is a story for another blog, for a more specific personal website about me, fighting cancer.

After I got sick and lost the restaurants, my wonderful guests would cautiously continue to ask me for recipes and to bake their cakes, so I gladly did.

I try desperately to find some reason or good, maybe this is good.

Now I get to share all my recipes, and bake!  

So here you go.

The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is here, so is the Triple Layer Banana Cake and the Bakewell tart, with many others. We’ll make things that might make you feel better if you ate it, than if you didn’t.  Although it may just be in a “you deserve this” kind of way.

Make your tummy smile because it all starts from the gut.


My Goal

Is to share beautiful and enjoyable ideas.

To encourage and promote properly raised organic produce and discourage the use of cheaper additives where possible, and hopefully good food will become more affordable for all.

To share my love and appreciation of food.

I Believe

If you cut out all the fat, flour, salt and sugar and add fiber, you have grass, and it’s probably dry.  We will do what we can, and sometimes what we have to.

  1. You should not cook without love
  2. Always watch your cookies
  3. Don’t crowd your mushrooms
  4. Everything in moderation, within reason

I prefer to use organic, especially in most produce.

Fancy bottled expensive water is not better, but impure water is not better than no water at all.

Well treated anything will be better.

So whenever possible, I will choose organic, local, free range, or grass fed. If you can eat, please enjoy it, some people can’t physically eat.

My Diet Tips

Don’t tell yourself that you can’t have something you really like, because it’s all you’re going to want.  And that will cause stress.

Don’t eat with guilt, or just don’t eat it.