Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Recipes
The versatile blueberry is so beautiful fresh and convenient when frozen or dried. This makes them so easy to enjoy as is or used in recipes. Use them in dried form in a biscuit, like Blueberry Teacakes, or Oatmeal Granola. Keep some frozen wild Blueberries for smoothies or a handy Blueberry Sauce. And when in season take advantage of them for easy dessert or salad garnishes, a tender Blueberry Scone that can double as a base for a casual dessert recipes like a shortcake, or a show stopping Blueberry Cream Layer Cake.
I wonder if I would appreciate fresh blueberries as much as I do if it’s season wasn’t so short. The same goes for peaches which conveniently overlaps in blueberry season for you to make a humble but most delicious way to enjoy these fruits in a Peach Blueberry Crisp.
-Also for these thin skinned fruits, it is best if you use organic.
For blueberries, wild, if you can get them is more beneficial health-wise than cultivated, although much more expensive when they’re fresh rather than frozen. Wild blueberries have a higher skin to flesh ratio making them higher in fibre and antioxidants since most of the benefits are in the dark skin.
How I prepare blueberries
After washing them, spread them out over a kitchen towel that you can assume will get a blueberry stain.
Lightly run your fingers over them as if you were pretending to play the piano. Not “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony” or “Great Balls of Fire”. More like “Für Elise” or “Chariots of Fire”.
Your fingers will trip over the super squishy ones. Always pick through your berries to take out the stems and less ripe ones. The dark, firm perfect ones, set aside for yourself or someone you love.
Perfect Blueberries
We play a little bluegrass at the end of this Blueberry Buckle video if you click here or on the above picture!